twenty and struggling.
tasmania. i like my dog, my car, pretty boys and prettier girls.
you're all cunts :)

"when you can't walk, you crawl. when you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you."
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maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

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"I rolled to find you,
I found only emptiness
and the lack of you."

Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.

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i wish I had hidden a cigarette and forgot about it til now

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"Alcohol tastes better than the thought of you and her"

10 word story (L.V.K.)

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"Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be."

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